Bring the digital interface of your institution into the 21st century.

A modern alternative to clunky learning management systems.
Ublend’s intuitive interface and rich ecosystem of integrations gives your institution an edge by empowering technology-enhanced teaching and learning.


The Ublend experience with an institutional layer on top.

The institutional version of Ublend gives all students, instructors, and researchers constant access to their classes and allows them to communicate with any member of your institution. This allows for cross-department and cross-subject communication and unites the teaching and learning experience in one intuitive and inspiring space.



An intuitive platform instructors love.

We know that adopting new technologies can be overwhelming for instructors. We’re obsessed with designing a platform that accommodates the rich world of pedagogy, but at its core is incredibly easy to use.


Increase student engagement.

Ublend makes increasing student engagement easier than ever. Engaged students means better learning outcomes, higher retention, and increased student satisfaction.


Seamless, secure AND DeDICATED implementation.

Using the latest cloud-based technologies and security systems makes the implementation of Ublend as delightful for your IT team as it is for students and instructors. Our experienced team assists in linking to the relevant databases and systems and our feedback system provides instructors and student with the real-time support they need. In addition, the institutional version of Ublend comes with dedicated servers, network, database, analytics engine and subdomain.


Meet Paul Haley.

Paul recently joined Ublend as Director of Implementation.
Previously Head of Information Systems at the British Library as well as Director of Information Technology at the University of Aberdeen and CIO at City University London, Paul will help you understand how to best implement Ublend throughout your institution's existing technology stack.

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